May 18, 2012

BOOM - 2 years later!

A couple posts back, I posted this picture.  It was taken at "my spot" on Temple Square following a date with a "friend from institute."  He was a chilled out, tie dye wearing, Subaru wagon driving, Chaco sandal obsessed (without socks, thank goodness), man of a boy.  The picture had been from our second date.  It was simple.  We got ice cream (compliments of the Baskin Robbins gift cards my mom frequently sends), and walked around Sugarhouse Park, talking.  We didn't have long, but it had been nice.  I was excited to know this guy.  Just before taking the above photo, I'd written a journal entry about how I didn't want to get my hopes up, but this guy was exactly the kind of guy my mom would want me to date.  Within a week, I left on a two week trip to the east coast.  We had two very short text conversations, both of which I initiated.  I didn't hear much from him until I invited him to go to Red Butte Gardens with the kiddo and I in early June.  He agreed, and the communication picked back up.  He later admitted to me that he didn't think I was very interested in him on our last date.  I'd been too quiet, not very open, and that he had decided to "cut me loose."  CUT ME LOOSE?!?!?!
Wouldn't that mean we had to first be tethered?!  
Good thing I initiated our 3rd date since apparently he wasn't going to!  I knew it was taking a chance to have the kiddo come along, but after spending some energy really thinking on it, I cautiously went ahead.  Being the great guy that he is, he had made it clear that since he knew my time alone was limited, he'd be happy to do activities that included my son, as long as I was comfortable with it.

It went well... 

As did the rest of the summer...

By September, we were a couple (taking our time... by Mormon standards).

And by November...

By March...

There is quite a bit of catching up to do, but there's the gist.  And with that, I proudly introduce Mr. Chaco, who is now my copartner in crime/life/blogging.

July 24, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Summer

This has been a great summer for the kiddo and I. We've done a lot of things, and we're both growing and progressing in unexpected ways. Here's just a BIT of the fun we've been having:

We went to Red Butte Gardens with our friend Benson and the boys managed to start a few water fights...... some of them still live on to this day.

Benson and I went to Energy Solutions Arena for the 2011 NBA Draft party. Part of me was hoping for the Jazz to get Jimmer, but it wasn't meant to be and Sacramento snatched him up. Not that you can see, but that's him on the screen right as he's chosen.

The moment it was announced that Alec Burks would be coming to Salt Lake.

We took a mini road trip down to Manti for the temple pageant, and as everyone knows, road trips require yummy snacks. This was the tower of colby pepper jack (yes they make such a delicious thing), on a Triscuit and topped with a blueberry.

Benson showing off my purple flip flops.

I'm slightly intimidated that he can work it better than I can, but I'll get over it.

Fireworks at Sugarhouse Park on the 4th of July

Britt came to visit and gifted the kiddo with a Slip N Slide.

We've since renamed it the Slip N Throw N Slide cuz once Britt helped with the momentum, the kiddo wanted it to continue.

Cherries picked from Britt's friend Chris's backyard tree.

Thankfully we've had rain on and off all summer and the mountains are still holding onto the green! I love it!

The kiddo and I went to a movie in the park down in the valley, and prior to the feature they had a live reptile show. The kiddo said he wanted to go pet the Albino Burmese Python, so even though the thought made me squirm, we did it!

This was an attempt to make food more fun. I'm not sure I'm a fan of hot dogs in mac and cheese (un-American, I know), but it was fun to put together!

Gigi bought the kiddo a new suit, and he's been so excited to wear it every Sunday to church.

I'm totally in love with the purple tie.... and the kiddo who wears it!

May 4, 2011

I took a Music 1010 class which required me to attend 5 concerts throughout the semester. In true Honor fashion, I left 4 of them until the weekend before the final day of class and spent most of it on Temple Square which, thankfully, provides SO many musical opportunities. On Saturday morning I went to a Tabernacle Organ recial and got to meet Richard Elliott afterwards. Since none of you are likely to remember who he is.... he's THIS GUY (the last video of the post)!

He invited me up to see the organ - closest I've ever been to this structure that I've seen on hymnbooks my whole life! You don't know how tempted I was to spin around and play it!!!!

This is the view the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has from their seats!
What an incredible day!!!!!

Today was the day of my last final. I went on a date with a friend from institute - getting ice cream to celebrate the occasion and then headed to Temple Square to relax, sit in my spot, write in my journal and breathe for a few.

I love the flowers there!

Found the little purple pansies!

Wish I'd brought my real camera instead of just my phone, but I was rather impressed with how this one turned out regardless! Aren't the colors amazing?!

Ahhh Springtime fills the jar rather nicely!